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Important information regarding the use of DeepL and other machine translation tools

As part of the Tekom QUICK service level, we sometimes provide clients with post-edited translations of machine-translated texts. However, this method is only used when requested by a client and the client is always informed of the consequences of this choice. For both of our other quality levels, Pro and Premium, clients expect us to deliver translations that have been carried out by a translation professional and revised by a second translation professional. Should the project you are invited to work on involve post-editing a machine-translated text, you will be informed of this by the relevant project manager beforehand. In this case, the text will be machine translated by our team before being sent to you and only require you to focus on the post-editing aspect.

We explicitly do not want translators to use machine translation as a basis for their work, nor to use a free version of DeepL or any other translation engine without our prior permission.

Unless you own a PRO license of DeepL, and therefore use the free version (which can also include the desktop version), the text you enter into the tool for translation will be sent to DeepL’s servers without the client’s permission. This constitutes a breach of our confidentiality agreement.

DeepL Pro accounts start at €6 a month. If you don’t already own a DeepL Pro account and would like to be able to use this tool without breaching the security regulations, please visit DeepL Pro | Translate Text, Word Docs & Other Docs Securely (there is even a 30 day free trial period).

For the sake of clarity, however, the use of DeepL’s Pro version is not permitted as part of the Tekom Pro and Premium services. Therefore, the discovery of such unauthorized use of DeepL could result in an immediate red card.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to answer any of your queries.

Kind regards,

The Tekom team