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Awareness program

Secure and confidential handling of the data for translators.

SpeakUp® – developed by People Intouch – is a dynamic whistleblowing service operating on the global market. It allows employees to report serious wrongdoings completely anonymously via web or phone to a predefined person or entity who can implement change or resolve the situation.

The company and employee both communicate entirely in their own language. Transcriptions, translations, and recordings are needed to make this possible.
The translators selected to work for this ongoing system, need to follow strict guidelines with regards to quality, speed and security.

Secure and confidential handling of the data is of utmost importance for the SpeakUp® process.
The awareness package includes:

✓ Data security and retention guidelines, including EEA residence, IP information, password control and identification.
✓ Guidelines for translators: translating for SpeakUp
✓ Demonstration movie Translator Interface (URL + password)
✓ Acknowledgement statement (to be signed annually).

Our translators give a voice to employees of multinationals around the world. Thanks to their work, employees can report in their own language and use the tool to end serious injustice.
If you are interested in working for this client, please view the current open opportunities.