(Nederlands) Vertalen.net, voor de vertalers van Tekom

Vertalingen van en naar alle talenTekom Vertalers takes care of all your translations in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and many other languages. To safeguard the quality of these translations, Tekom maintains a carefully-compiled set of translators both in the Netherlands and abroad, who are naturally all native speakers but who have also completed language studies and have at least ten years’ experience of working with language.

They are ready to advise and assist you with your language and translation questions and guarantee translations of the highest quality.

Tekom has translators for any type of document

We have plenty of experience of translating the most divergent kinds of text, from legal documents and technical manuals to medical instruction leaflets and public speeches.

Interpreting services, textual correction and language courses

Additionally, we offer a range of other language services, including interpreting services, textual correction, editing and language courses — but equally, services such as multilingual DTP, international voice-overs and business presentations.